Aug 19 2011
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More PSVita Technical Specifications Confirmed

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RAM: 512MB


Sony finally released all the information at Gamescom. 512MB of System RAM (2x the PS3) and 128MB of Video RAM (1/2 the PS3). They also deny changing the amount of RAM in half. 512MB is the initial and final spec.

Now, I wanna know how much MHz is in those chips....


EDIT: Keep in mind that the PSV renders in 960x544, which is less than the PS3's usual 1280x720 or 1920x1080. 128MB should suffice for a small screen.

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Re: More PSVita Technical Specifications Confirmed

Aug 19, 2011

Technicly Sony could not lie about the ram being cut in half or not if they never officially announced how much ram was to be used in the first place. So now that they officially announced the ram, if they half it now then ppl can officially yell at sony. But at this point do we really care? At least we now have the specs for the ram and its not bad.

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