Mar 08 2014
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Monster Hunter Available for Download on New Vita?

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First of all, i apologize if this is a topic that has already been covered, i couldnt find anything on the boards.


My dilema is that I want to purchase a Vita so I can download the new Monster Hunter game being offered for free on PS+. However, ive checked every Target, Wal Mart, Best Buy and even (god forbid) gamestop, and nobody has any in stock atm. So my only option is to wait for the Vita slim coming out in late May. Does anybody know if Monster Hunter will still be available for free download then, or will it be removed? What is the typical shelf-life of games offered for free on PS+? If it wont be available at the time, is there any way to download the game somehow and then upload it to my vita?


I apologize for the wordiness, but I wanted to be thorough, as I am a brand new subscriber and have not had much interaction with PS+ in the pat. Thanks in advance for your insights.


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Re: monster hunter and the new vita!

Mar 8, 2014

If you already have Playstation Plus, Than you can "Purchase" the game via the Web Store when it becomes available for free. 


You could also try Amazon

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Monster Hunter for PS Plus

Mar 8, 2014

When Monster Hunter hits PS Plus you can get it through a PS3 and/or the internet Playstation store. No matter when you get your PS Vita you will have Monster Hunter.

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