Aug 03 2011
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So, I was thinking to my self the other day 'Why hasnt Sont bought MineCraft™?' It's a very awesome game, would be great with the PS3 since it has it's own HDD and well, I do have a labtop, but it sucks with it, I did work it so i can play it with a PS3 controller, but if you do get the game, you should have a setting where they can have there own controlls (Maybe like a LittleBigPlanet™ 2 Controllinator setup?) Also another thing is Texture packs, you could do a little store for mods, and texture packs. Multiplayer would be so much fun! You could do that one thing with Portal 2™ with cloud sync so you can play on other peoples server or join friends! I think the reason why is that Microsoft already bought it exclusively (If they did that would be stupid since they have 3 versions of minecraft in there store) and with the Kinect™? That will suck in my opinion.

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