Dec 30 2013
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Mi life with playstation

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When I was 9 my younger brother was born, 1989. He was born with cerebral palsy, so he could not lead a normal life. When his illness worsened, and he could not get more out of your room, bought a playstation 2 with 2 controls, one for him and one for me, but my brother could not play, I put the control in your hands, and pressed buttons, and looked happy, because for him, was playing. The games were he liked Resident Evil 4 and PES. A year later he was hospitalized, and I took the playstation and installed it in his room, with his control. I remember his last days, despite his pain, he always wanted to have turned on the playstation and play with me, even the night I left.

Since then I have kept his control. In the most difficult times I connect and I leave in the chair next to me, and I feel he is by my side supporting me and giving me strength to go on, no matter how difficult the road is.

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