Aug 09 2012
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Metal Gear Solid 4 Experience

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The fourth entry to the Metal Gear saga stands out as one of my all time favorite video game experiences, though the cut scenes were long, the story itself was so strong that you did not want to look away until you completely beat the game. The game made you feel like you were Old Snake yourself, so much that I lost track of time many times while I was playing, I would start up my PS3 and push load game on Metal Gear at 12:00 PM and then look down after what felt like a few min to find that I had been playing for hours upon hours. Having played all of the Metal Gear Solid games before the flashback feature really pulled me in and I couldn't help but to wear a gigantic smile when past titles are referenced, the amount of nostalgia was almost overwhelming but was a perfect fit and would make any Metal Gear vet very happy.


The first time I beat the game I started playing at 11:00 AM, I had to go into work at 3:00 PM. that day so I thought to my self that four hours out to be enough time to get through everything. I loaded my save and started crawling through the heat, Old Snake burning along the way, the intensity of this was astonishing, Old Snake was getting hurt so much I actually started to become sad. After I finished that part I continued to the final fight, which referenced the other Metal Gears throughout the entire battle, making it feel like the most epic thing I would ever do in a video game. After I finished all of that the final cut scenes had begun to start, now I had heard they were long from friends that have beaten the game but I never imagined this long. As the final scenes began to wrap things up I looked at the clock, 2:10. A little bit of panic shot through me, I thought "Oh no I'm going to be late for work because I need to see the final scenes"! Of course one can tell exactly how into this game I was with my first thought being I'm just going to have to be late because I have to see this. Finally the epic conclusion I had been waiting for had happened and the final credits had begun to roll, it was 2:40 and of course I had to wait until the end of the credits just incase there is some stuff at the end of them just like in some of the other Metal Gears.The credits had ended and of course there was some dialogue at the end. I quickly ran into my closet, got dressed for work and sped out the house, I arrived at my job right on time. After successfully beating and viewing everything in Metal Gear 4 and arriving to my job on time, I felt more accomplished than I ever have, all thanks to Metal Gear Solid 4.

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