Apr 23 2013
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Mega Man X Collection PS2 - We want a proper version

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As we know, the Mega Man X Collection released only on North America for PS2 doesn't work if you use a component cable; even if you FullHD or HDready tv have the ability to switch the resolution. 


It works until the game starts; menu and options but from X to X6; all games doesn't work. You have to go to the back of your console, switch the cables to RCA if you want to play it.


This game would be a success on PSN. 


Imagine if it's released with Trophy support, some extra feature.. that would be awesome but I'd not dare to ask such thing.


We only want a game that can be played properly !


1) Capcom stopped replying on 2009 about this issue on their forum and support (They said they'd give me an answer in 48h because AN OFFICIAL EMPLOYEE SAID "We tested on our systems and it does work normally both with composite and component cable") I'm wanting for like a year 


2) I would not mind buy that again as a PS2 Classic, would not mind at all. I mean, all game collections I've tried works and in theory every game should work - does not matter if it's progressive-scan compatible or not. 


Would you mind to buy it if you have it on your PS2 ? 

If you don't have this collection , wouldn't be awesome to have 6 wonderful games on PS2 classics?


 since the 8-bit imports and non-imports Mega Man series were a commercial success, then it would sell and it would make some kind of justice for people that are wanting for 5+ years for a Capcom statement regarding this issue.




P.S: Here's the last time Capcom said something about this issue 6 years ago

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