Dec 02 2012
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Mech Games That Should Be Added on PSN Store

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I Think the following should be added to PSN's PS2 classics and PS1 classics


PS2 Classics:


1. Front Mission 4

2. Front Mission 5 (English sub & text) since it wasn't released in US.

3. Armored Core Nexus

4. Armored Core Last Raven ( please approve of Last Raven & add territory battles to the online like in AC5 if possible with teams)

5. Armored Core Silent Line

6. Armored Core Ninbreaker

7. Armored Core 2: Another Age

8. Robotech: Battlecry

9. Zone of Enders

10. Zone of Enders: 2nd runner (please make a online if possible with customizations of what ever mech the user has chosen, if possible)

11. Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon

12. Gundam: G- Savior


PS Classics:


1. Armored Core Arena

2. Armored Core 1


To Users:


Give your opinion on this (respectful response please) and add some other games to the list if u want.


Thank you



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