Nov 29 2012
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Maybe Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA SA) saved our lives

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It's October 2004, GTA SA is out and me and my mates steal enough to buy it having failed to steal the actually game. Who knew some security first wait till your almost out the door when they saw you slip it into your jacket, obviously we preferred the ones who out of courtesy for the desperate would give us a tender warning, at which point we would drop it or not and run. Well that was a pointless digression.  

GTA SA was ground-breaking historic **bleep**, obviously not for the recycled boring stereotypical storyline of the American gangster dream; tragedy begets fortune begets tragedy etc. It was GTA's first Black lead, which of-course meant you had to get it or you were a racist, it re-presented a significant leap of maturity for Rockstar and vindicated the rightful place of non-whites around the world, but that's not why it is the greatest game on earth. The missions, the missions, omg the mission. The missions were unheard of, like not think out the box but blow up the box, maybe part of this was because being the first Black lead, the developers felt pretty badass or motivated. Everything that came before and which has come after sad to say seem totally worthless (with the exception of Drake). It's a truth that burns.   

Me and my mates were adventurous people, we thought of ourselves as tough guys and always trying to think of some dire illegal **bleep** to do. We all had Playstations because that at the time was seen as the mature bad **bleep** system and Nitando was a system made for the kids, now it's like Ps has been becoming more ne and ne more Ps. We got into a-lot trouble and sometimes bloody. Mundane life was too unchallenging. But it all changed with SA suddenly instead of being out in the streets testing the fates by doing harmful **bleep** to others, robbing, fighting, all for some thrill. SA was like god knew we needed a challenge to keep us off the streets and it worked for like a couple days till we completed it.

Even after that, the streets just seemed so sad and embarrassing. That's not to say there wasn't a fight here or there but generally our thuggery days were largely over. And it's funny cause the right-wing always get off about how GTA causes violence, undermines the law…blah blah blah. But here it did the exact opposite. Okay it didn't give us some profound respect for the law but we weren't causing violence and honestly our lives may have been untimely sunk if it wasn't for SA.    

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