Nov 09 2012
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Marvlman's Playstation Story

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  It was when the PS3 was 1st announced, I had to have it! I'd saved up my money and made my wishlist...everything was set. Then the unthinkable happened, I lost my job, got really really sick and had to use my extra cash to take care of the household. Christmas was fast approaching and I chose to make the family as happy as possible. Well, my then wife, son and my mom and brothers banded together... while laying up semi-sick on Christmas my wife & son along with my brothers started moving stuff in. My darling wife bought me a PS3 and every game on my wishlist and then some, my brother helped her get me a super large bigscreen w/ surround sound, and my son & nephews used their money to get me every accessory I could ever  want (and painted them w/ my fav characters)!


 It brought this hardened Gulf War Vet to tears like you wouldn't believe (still does), we all played video games all night and cheered...truly the best Christmas & Playstation moment ever!


 Yeah, I won every event and game we, what they let me win!

" I'm the best at what I do,
but what I do isn't very nice! "
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