Mar 08 2012
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Making transfers easier.

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To transfer my PSP Save data over to my PS Vita (Dissidia data, since it just won that Gamer's choice award), I had to create a save file first on my Vita, copy it to PC, plug in my PSP, copy the save data directly over from the folder itself, and replace the new save data with my save data, and then copy it back (and for some reason, if I plug my Vita in first, it won't notice the PSP afterwards).

I think they should've either stuck with Media Go, or found a way to integrate PSP into the content manager. Besides, I have a couple PSP games already on my 3000, it'd be nice to just transfer rather than re-download.

Also: Is there no way to get DLC for the Vita in regards to PSP games? The music and outfits I have for Dissidia are not available, and I can't transfer those

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