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Re: Mac Content Manager is now available to download

Feb 8, 2012

Devil_Beast1109 wrote:

Yep, everything is done through the Vita from navigating your Mac's archives to backing your Vita stuff up. I'm gonna donwload some 1080p videos to my PSV and see how awesome it looks on the little guy's screen

Also, when i conected my PSV to my Mac nothing happened besides the small Vita icon that appeared next to my "Help" icon on top of my screen going from a gray color to solid black.

What would be the point?

The Vita can't even display 720p.

Anything higher resolution than the vita's screen is just going to downscale to the vita native resolution.

And yes, brilliant update.

The maps and MCM both run flawlessly.

The video capyure interests me zero, as the Vita cams are awful.

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