Jan 14 2012
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MLB 12 TS Graphics on PS Vita is “Comparable” To PS3, Says Sony

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A few days ago An image was revealed from CES 2012 of MLB 12: The Show on the PlayStation Vita handheld.  Our thoughts were “Wow, this looks amazing”.  It was some of the nicest graphics We’ve seen on a handheld.  But of course, the ultimate question is how does MLB 12: The Show on the PS Vita graphically stack up to the PS3 version?  We all know it’s one of the most impressive baseball games on consoles, but does its good looks carry over well to the Vita?

According to an interview from GamerLiveTV, MLB 12: The Show on PS Vita is “comparable” to the PlayStation 3 version.

“From a visual perspective obviously we can’t get it to look as good as the PS3,” admitted developer Ramone Russell.

“We think it’s comparable,” he added.  “We don’t think anybody will think the game is ugly.  It looks pretty good in our eyes.”

More importantly, it should be noted that EVERY feature in the PS3 version of The Show is in the Vita’s version.

“The only thing you won’t get is all of our true broadcast presentation screens,” Russell explained. “And that was really a strategic decision that we made.  You know, it’s a handheld game.  People’s handheld gaming habits are very different from sitting at home on the couch.  It’s those 15 minute, 30 minute intervals.  So what we wanted to do is give you that kind of gameplay experience when you sit down for 15, 30 minutes and you get done playing a baseball game and go about your business.”

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