Oct 04 2013
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MGS Peace Walker problem on Ps vita

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So i watched tutorials on how to copy MGS Peace Walker crom the Ps3 to the Vita after purchasing from Ps Store,so i decided to get Peace Walker on my vita,but for some reasons,once i purchased and downloaded the game(PSP Version,not HD) on my Ps3 and connect with my vita,i couldn't find the content of the game(Yes,i went on Applications then PSP)but i found nothing.My account is in Hong Kong,and i've emailed Sony about that problem and requested refunds,but nothing happens.So Sony,will you please fix the problem and let me play PW on my vita without wasting my money?I see that UK and US accounts can play PW on their vita,buf not HK,so please,i need help.You can post your opinions and stuff,and the way to solve this f u c k i n g problem if possible,thanx.
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