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Nov 13 2012
By: thatWAVEYkiddPR First Son 4 posts

Loud Noise coming from PS3

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Hey guys,


I bought season 9 of family guy and it comes with a couple CD's. For whatever reason, when i put in the last CD my ps3 makes a very loud noise - it sounds like the fan or like the CD is getting really scratched up. The CD's are all brand new. Idk why but this only happens with one of them. When i look at it after i take it out there are no scratches or anything. This has never happened to me before with any CD so im just very confused. Im playing Ps3 games on it right now and the PS3 sounds just fine. BTW i have the regular slim model (not super slim) - its 3 years old.


Im new to this so sorry if my post ends up in the wrong spot.

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Re: Loud Noise coming from PS3

Nov 13, 2012

Every newer ps3 i bought sounds like this as well 2x160gigs and a 320gig.  However my 120gig doesnt, and my 80 gig was just louder from fans.  Do not know whats up with the newer ones?  I think they are cheaper made or something?

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