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Re: Looks like Sony has this in the Bag

May 23, 2013

gR3yGh051 wrote:

CaptainAlbator wrote:

I wouldn't get too excited just yet. Microsoft announced a new deal with the NFL for a gameday app, and product placement. Now I know that doesn't mean a lot to "gamers", but you have the 18-39 male demographic, and anything with the National Football League is like having a license to print money.

Sony has MLB.... an equally popular sport.

I don't think Capt. was talking about just popularity. (which NFL is more popular, IMO)

I believe he was talking about profitability.

And NFL = more profit than MLB.

There is a reason Madden sells more than MLB games and more people tune in to the Super Bowl than the World Series.


Don't get me wrong, I love both (go Niners and SF Giants!), but the NFL is more popular & profitable than MLB.

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