Feb 07 2013
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Looking for some opinions

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I'm a new member - sorry if I did not post this correctly. 

But, I am looking for some opinions as to the value of my PS3 system.

I bought it new for $299.99  at BestBuy about 9 months ago.


It's a 160 GB PlayStation3 - Slim.

I'm selling it with the original components, box, packaging, etc.

Comes with 1 Controller and No Video Games.

I barely used it and that's why I'm selling it. 

I'm not selling because I need the money - so I don't need to accept low offers.

But what's a reasonable price to sell it for? I think they sell $250 new now - which sucks since I paid $300. But if I asked for $200 would that be unlikely or unreasonable? 


What would you pay for this barely used unit? 

Thanks for the help!

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Re: Looking for some opinions

Feb 7, 2013

Pop over to eBay and see what similar ones are going for. You may want to list yours while you're there. You can set a reserve price amount on it so you don't have to accept a low ball bid. Good Luck.

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Re: Looking for some opinions

Feb 7, 2013

what does ebay and craigslist say?

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Re: Looking for some opinions

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Feb 9, 2013

haha actually it sold yesterday - couldn't have worked out any better.

my buddy knew it was basically brand new so he paid my asking price - $200. 

so i'm good...


thanks for the interest. 


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