Nov 11 2011
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Looking for new blood!

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Alot of you out there have might have seen and played me and my old clan. KAOS. I have the elite down load and im looking to get a new clan together. I do take wining very serious. And head sets are a must. Being avalible more than one day a week is a must. And ubove all, Having fun and not shit talking to each other in the clan for any reason is a MUST. It is after all a game. So if your a hard core modern warfare 3 gamer and are looking for a hard core clan. Then the door is open. The last thing that I ask is I want to see you in action befor you are admitted. Send a request and a message to me telling who u are and why you are talking to me. Reason being I am always getting messages and alot of the time I will delete unless there is a reason not to. Thankyou for your time and hope to see ya on the battle field.

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