Apr 07 2012
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Looking for good players for Zombies in Black Ops

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Looking for people to play Zombies with on Black Ops.  Tired of running into people who don't stay at their own doors, have no kind of strategy, take your kills, don't revive, etc., etc., etc.  I've gotten pretty far with people who do the exact opposite and I'm looking for more people that are team players and know what they are doing.  I was on round 16 on Der Riese today and had almost 400 kills, with the ray gun and waffle gun pack a punched.  While I was reloading the ray gun, I got over ran, and the guy behind me took off without even reviving me.  Needless to say, I lost my weapons when I came back the next round and was just screwed from there on out.  So, again, if you're a team player and a good player on zombies, add me Moose_215.

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