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Looking For Playstation Vita PSN Friend?

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Hello, if you need Vita friend to test out your cross-chat and ect; plus looking for new PSN Vita friend just send me request anytime but make sure to let me know where you saw my PSN-ID. I do that for many reason because I got troll while back were people kept sending me PM on PSN and other things too. 


Plan to add me / rules:


1. Don't ask how old I’m unless we are really good friends and know each other in real life. This should go for you as well and don't tell someone your age unless you think you can trust them or not ever.


PS: (Everyone on my PSN list as friend knows my age by now if not oh well)


2. Never ask someone their gender and you should be able to tell from their PSN-ID or like my PSN-ID tell's you my gender ready or sometimes their icon can tell you half the time as well.


PS: (Wish i pick cool name then using my real first name but oh well; maybe someday Sony will let us change our PSN-ID names; I have super cool name for PSN-ID)


3. Don’t ask personal question if so I won't reply back and its auto block on my PSN-ID list for you if you keep asking about it.


PS: (This should be the same thing for you as well and ECT; unless Trust and Respect levels are high.)


4. Just follow the 1-4 rules is all I ask for you but if we are super cool and great friends; know each in real life this won't matter to you then. 


5. I make these’s rules so I have some type of code to follow by when on PSN and ect; i-4 rules are easy to follow but sometimes we bend  our rules in good sign of faith sometimes.


Don't add me if you don't plan to chat with me ever, I don't won't to be on someone list who never chats with me even if your my enemy or not.  


Want to know what I play and like then check out my trophies to get feel of what I like/play. I'm Big Fan of - anime, Final Fantasy, kingdom Hearts, GTA, and more other awesome games. Or you can check out my personal site for more info about me and ect.  


PS: Just send me PM on PSN-ID then on here because I won't always be on here to reply back. 


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