Nov 25 2013
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Live from PlayStation - growing problem UStream / Twitch

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Ok I have been checking on live gameplay via "Live from PlayStation", and notice there is a growing issue.

People are posting video of the ROBOTS where you use the camera. As we can see the actual people playing. Now that is not a really big issue, but its the people commenting, that is causing a problem.

People posting sexual harassments, vulgar language, and just stuff that is inappropriate. There was one showing a family and there daughter playing with the robots. Someone posted in "Your daughter looks cute, perfect for my sex dungeon". Right after that they cut the feed. Keep in mind the girl looked around 10 years old. No one needs to read stuff like this. Bad part is I believe it was people on a PC, because they were talking how they wanted to get a PS4.

There there other occasions were guys are playing with there shirts off (which is not a big deal), or girls just talking about sex. And other stuff that should not be done, making it easy for any kid that has a PS4 to see.

Now there are 2 solutions I kind of think might help the situation.

1. Only allow PlayStation 4 users to comment on the live streams. This will prevent jerks from posting random crap that is not part of the PlayStation community.

2. When hosting a life stream display the PlayStation ID of the host (that way if they are performing inappropriate content they can be reported). When you report someone it takes a screenshot of what is going on, so it validates the problem at hand. Also so no one can make up faulse claims.

3. If someone on PlayStation 4 happens to postban inappropriate comment, allow someone to click that name with the "OPTION" button to report him/her. Also a screenshot will be taken, so there comment can be reviewed by Sony

Now its people like that are going to get this whole live stream stopped by Sony.

What do you think. All this crap that is happening does not really bother me. But I don't want it to be removed because of jerks. Especially because of people that are not even using a PS4.

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