May 27 2012
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Lightning Storm Damage? Connection Problems

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A few nights ago we had a fairly electrically instense storm roll through. Lightning hit extremely close to my house (tree, utility pole, ground, etc???) as I was looking out. The thunder was almost simultaneous with the flash which told me it was pretty close. Anyway, I had been monitoring this storm via a local news/weather radar website. When I went to refresh the page, I got a 'page not found'. I looked over and saw my wifi router's lights weren't on. It was dead. Unplugged the router and hardwired my internet modem directly to the PC and my internet still worked. Actually smelled the router and got a 'burnt' odor from it. Power light won't even come on. Just figured I'd buy a new wifi router and replace big deal.

A day later, I notice our home telephone won't work either. When someone calls us, the phone will ring, but our cordless phone won't answer. So, lightning obviously got the phone, too. Later that night, I decide I'd play the PS3. NOTE: My PS3 is hardwired via ethernet cable to the router. Picked up a controller and hit the "PS" button like always. The controller just flashed.....the console didn't turn on. I touched the power button on the console and it came on. Then it gave me a 'Connection error: 80130128'....then the screen froze and was unresponsive. I tried holding the ON/OFF soft key on the console....nothing. Reached behind and turned off the master switch, let it sit for a couple of minutes and turned it back on.....then booted it with the soft key. Same exact problem. Turned it off again. Upon rebooting it the 2nd time, I held the soft key until it beeped (RESET). When it booted up, I was finally able to at least us a wired controller to navigate through the menus. I shut it down (properly) and went to reboot it again.....would NOT respond to the wireless controller to turn ON. Power cycled it again and was able to use the controller (only if it was plugged in the USB port).

Today, I bought and installed a new wireless router. Plugged in the ethernet cable from router to the PS3 then went to configure the new router to the console. Keep getting the same message. "Connection Error 80130128". When I attempted a 'wired' configuration, says 'no ethernet cable connected', even though it is. The signal light on the back of the console stays flashing or flickering. I then tried to configure a wireless connection. It will not recognize the wireless router. Basically the PS3 modem is not functioning? Is there a way to reset it, test it, or repair it???? Or will I have to replace it?

What about the wireless controller not connecting? Do these run off the same wireless card in the console? I've tried pretty much everything I know to do.....except for a hard drive format...which I'm not prepared to do at this point unless it's necessary. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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