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Life as a gamer: my story

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My intro to the playstation line of gaming started when I was about 11 years old (I'm 27 now). I owned other game systems at the time but they were all consoles everybody I knew played to death. So on Christmas of that year I asked for a Playstation 1 from my family and my eyes lit up like sparklers when I opened my gifts to find one. The first game I really got into on it was Twisted Metal 2, I'd play that game and keep track of my character's level progression with the passwords on piece of paper, I also played quite a bit of Descent, Doom, and various fighting games through out the years I had my Playstation. Two games I could never get enough of on the PS1 was Resident Evil 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 2. In Alpha 2 I was generally good with characters like Ken and Charlie and would often see how far I could get with them in survival mode. RE2 was what I got for my 13th birthday and I'd memorize all the patterns enemies moved in so I can dodge and evade them properly to save ammo and I'd study the strategy guide cover to cover and beat the game in record time and even find things in the game the book didn't even know about.

I eventually got a Playstation 2, but that was after I graduated high school and had the money for one. I really got into Metal Gear Solid 3 and Silent Hill 2 and overanalze the crap out of the plots, like why did one character do that and this, etc, and I loved the conveinence at the time of having a DVD player and a video game console all in one package.Alot of times I'd check out some of the PS2's RPGs since I was addicted to them at the time. One RPG I feel is one of my favourite games in the world was Suikoden III and interesting world and characters the game had to interact with and collecting for your army.

In 2010 I finally got a PS3, I managed to track down a PS3 system that could play my PS2 games, that thing was a pain to track down, mind you.Three games I find myself playing on it alot are Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, and Littlebigplanet 2. In my spare time I'd noodle around in LBP2 and find out interesting ways to make levels and often reminded me of the two programming classes I took in college (like setting certain actions to make other actions happen with switches, sensors, buttons, etc in the game to make things in the game happen).

To this day I often revisit my old PS1/2 memories and play classics like Suikoden II, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, God Hand, and the Dynasty Warriors series. It goes without saying, the Playstation introduced me to the next generation of gaming back when I was a middle schooler.

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