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Life As A Gamer: the beginning

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Now, not to dred too much on the title itself, but I wanted to emphasize the story to display on what shines within the Playstation brand the most: Games. Simply put, my story as a gamer has been a long journey. Both my brother and I grew up with my great grandmother's SNES keeping me company, preventing the 2 year old version of me from putting keys within her sockets. After this, my great grandmother had passed, and we were left with the SNES. A bond was formed between us for there on through media entertainment, this was the begining of both of our inspirations. Over time, we grew to play more and more games together while diving through anything we could get our hands on that looked semi fun. I still remember the days where BlockBuster would rent out Genesis consoles and such. We abused that factor. How many times we rented Sonic was beyond me. Of course, the next tid bit dived us into the portable market. The original Gameboy, ohh those were the days. I remember squinting and hardly being able to see that screen. Jump ahead and you'll see how I originally stuck to Nintendo based consoles. My brother took the Playstation side. Both of our main basis were covered this way. I never swayed into the Playstation side too often in the begining, being a huge fan of Zelda and Metroid. I also loved innovation, and during the N64 days, Nintendo seemed to be the correct one to satisfy my hunger. As time went on, the Gamecube passed (and I loved my Gamecube dearly), but I couldn't help but see the flood of new IPs and games on Playstation like consoles. I was interested, but not at the point of no return. The kicker for me was the DS. Truth be told, at this point in time I was convinced of becoming a programmer for video games. I love logic and art. I loved the art of video games! The story, design, music, code, everything placed together in a beautiful harmony. It inspires me to an unexplainable extent. When I had bought the DS, everything I came to know about video games was crushed before me. Cheap development games flooded the market, promises were consistantly broken (anyone remember Super Smash Brothers on the DS?.. it was announced), and the art in it was torn for profit. This is what I felt and received. Ironically, around this time was the announcement/release of the 360/PS3. Now I was and will never be a fan of Microsoft based products as everything about them feels as if they're cheating consumers and their market is purely about business not the gamers. Sony on the other hand displayed a different side. They seemed to always push for quality games, new IPs with large stories, and seemed to be the company to go to 'for gamers' and whom supported their gamers. Because of this DS fiasco, I was jumping ship as I saw what was to come. The PS3 was my target. I remember being up in a Time Share in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina on Winter break. My birthday was in December and I had saved money. We were walking through a Walmart and I saw a ps3. At the time, everyone was sold out and it was extremely hard to get. I couldn't believe it. My brother and I bought it then and there. Of course we bought the 20gig model, as it was pricey on it's own. Unfortunately we didn't have enough cash on us to purchase a game with it, which was kind of funny. But the minute we brought it back to the Time Share, we popped in Shadow of the Collosus on a hi-def screen (with an RGB cables we purchased) and were just sheerly wowed by everything. The wireless controller with a built in battery was more than enough to make us drool, let alone everything else that was soo sexy about that PS3 at the time. After that time I jumped into Resistance and fully got hooked on FPS for the first time (as I was never a big fan before then.. I hated the 'limited' rotation on the PS2 analogue nubs and the Gamecube was never built for FPS). After then I dive into Motorstorm and game after game was wowed. I also dived into previous PS2 libraries like Devil May Cry and God Of War in which I missed the 'fads' and became extremely interested and addicted. The real kicker is my true kick start inspiration game was by fluke. Uncharted. I originally pre ordered the game Dark Sector which released around, if not on, the same day as Uncharted Drakes Fortune. The reviews for Dark Sector started popping in the day before it released and were god awful. The demo also came up, and that was horrid in itself. So, I stopped by my Gamestop and canceled my pre order. During this cancelation, I saw Uncharted sitting there. I said what the heck. The next day I had my new favority series that has lasted till this day. That game made me buy a Programming in C book. Since that game, I have gained a BS degree in IT, learned C, C++, Java, SQL, JavaScript, Objective-C and more. That game single handedly provided me the inspiration to kick start my career. Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Resistance, Heavy Rain and many more Playstation pushed titles continue to flame my inspirations. Honestly, I have many many consoles, but as Sony would say.. my only true inspirations as of now are 'Only On Playstation'. This is my short sided tale, I haven't even scratch the Vita (that I love dearly). What about you?

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