Apr 23 2013
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Legendary Hurricanes

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Hello i would like to welcome our new club name,Its been changed for a few months now and i love it,If anyone is looking for a great community club to join,Come join us,All you have to do is send me a friends request or go on home to clubs and search Legendary Hurricanes,Then you will be added and accepted,I always see people looking for a active clubs to join,And i see alot of people looking for friends,Send me a friends request,I'll accept you and if you havent ever been on home,I would have the pleasure to show you what home is all about,Home is awesome and i love home,We host home community events,Space Hikes which alot of home members love to be in and apart of "Legendary Hurricanes",We treat everyone with respect and as i see it everyone is equal,Ive been on home since home started.Legendary Hurricanes has been a active club since 2008,I am the founder and owner of the club,We have 2 clubs,Our clubs stay full so if you want in just send me a message and tell me you would like to come join to see exactly what we do.Thanks and ill see you on home.

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