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Re: Left Playstation about a year and a half ago. Started gaming exclusively on Xbox..

Jun 8, 2013

PC gaming is naturally more expensive due to constant upgrade of hardware requirements, but some of the info here is just not true, or being over stated. 


Yes, a lot of PC games have key codes, but not all. Have you ever seen a Steam sale though? Not being able to share games is not that big of a deal when they go on sale sometimes below $10, and not **bleep** old titles either. Also, you do not have to be always online for single player PC games, not most of them anyways. That being said, PC gaming is PC gaming, and console is console. Each has benefits, and each has drawbacks. Most people opt for console because it's cheaper, and simpler. You don't need computer knowledge to plug an Xbox in. PC is way more powerful, and there are all kinds of things you can do on a PC that are impossible on a console. 

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Re: Left Playstation about a year and a half ago. Started gaming exclusively on Xbox..

Jun 8, 2013

My take on PC gaming. 


If you like multiplatform games only. PC wins.

- gamepads work on it

-better graphics



If you like RTS games. Buy a PC


-Total War


If you love indie games: Buy a PC AND console (Since Sony and MS will help get exclusivity)


If you like waiting awhile to buy all your games. Buy a PC

-Steam sales are AMAZING

-Humble bundles

-Games are also cheaper in general 


Reasons to buy a Console:

1. Hardware Consistancy

-Play any game on the console without worry about hardware.

   -For PC gaming, you have to future proof your system.

2. Exclusives!

-So many games on consoles are not on PC (or they take longer to go onto PC)

3. Hate M/K

-You may be allowed to use a gamepad, but many games are not made with it in mind or optimized for it.

4. Couch play/split screen

-It takes a lot more work to do split-screen and couch play on PC. An HDMI cable, big screen, cords, place for you M/K, the list goes on

5. No/Less DRM

- Steam is DRM and you must be connected to play the games (you need Steam although it has an offline mode)

- You can resell console games/loan them out to friends (hopefully PS4 allows this)


There are more reasons, but consistancy is a major factor along with the most important one: EXCLUSIVES

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