Sep 21 2012
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LBP Vita Beta Vest

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I've participated in the LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Beta and have not yet got my Beta Vest, any idea why? 

The email stated "Those who participate in the LittleBigPlanet Playstation Vita Beta will receive an exclusive Beta Test Vest shortly after the launch of LBP PS Vita."

It's already out, street date here in the US and officialy in the UK. Why don't we get it? Do I have to wait until the 25th?


If I wait to get the LBP Vita Launch Shirt on the 25th will it be gone because it isn't the 1st week? 

That's the only time US can get on the store for the game.

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Re: LBP Vita Beta Vest

Sep 21, 2012
The game was released early. That doesn't mean they moved everything else up as well. I was in the beta too. They will likely send out the costume codes closer to the actual release date of the game. And the Launch T shirt will be available from the 25th to the 2nd. A week, ya know.
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