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May 07 2012
By: ConfirmedChaos First Son 6 posts

Killzone/Playstation liberated me!

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     Hello fellow playstation fans! Let me start by telling you a little about myself. When I was around 18 I got hooked on drugs really bad! I stayed that way for about 3 year. I mean, I would do anything from drinking to harder stuff too! It wasn't the most glamerous life, let me tell you. I used to play the PS1 and PS2, and I pawned quite a few of them. Staying places that you really don't know the people and worrying about who's gonna try to do something to you while you're asleep isn't the most secure feeling in the world.

     One day, back when i was 21, i decided to buy another PS2. I noticed on the box that it came with a game(and the gamecase said "online" right on the front!). Well, i got home and opened my PS2 box and hooked up the online with the netwoking disc (if anyone even remembers PS2 online). The game that came with my PS2 was "ATV Offroad Fury 4", and was an awesome game at that. I got pretty decent at the game and loved being able to socialize with people on the internet through playstation (before this, the only thing i've done in networking was online chatrooms). Something was missing though. Don't get me wrong I love racing games.

     My brother also had a PS2. But, like me, he never played it online. He had an old copy of Killzone. Let me tell you, from the first time I popped the game in i was in love! Before long i was joining a clan and making new friends on the game. For those of you that don't know, on the ps2 online, each game had a server seperate from each other where you had to make a seperate account for each game that you played (look how far we've came with just one console). I ended up playing Killzone for about a year or more, all the while never touching any kind of drugs. I made great friends on the ps2 online with Killzone! I still talk to some of them today.

     Back in 2008 I heard that Killzone2 was finally going to be released. It took them five years, but, was WELL worth the wait (have you played Killzone2)!! Everyone on the original Killzone was hyped about the upcoming tittle (Killzone had/has a great community, and we all knew each other b/c of the limited amount of players) You saw it in the chat lobby (KZ2 is gonna have "insert spoiler here"), and in the in-game voice chat. There was just something about getting a new addition to our favorite game that had everyone excited.

     Well, by this time i was working a job and staying off drugs. I even had a new son on the way! My wife was starting to get into gaming on the ps2. We were both equally anticipating getting a ps3 for the next addition!

Now it's early 2009, my son is born, and we have a PS3. Playstation Home had just been released and we were spending some time on it. We also rented a few games and tried them out. I still got on my ps2 some and played with friends.

     Killzone2 finally arives! I end up being pretty good at the game and get on the leaderboards (ranked 37 at one time) I join a clan and have loads of fun playing the game. I've made some great friends on PSN and still play to this day. I'm more of a home/ps plus user now though. Killzone2 is by far my favorite game. I mean, without it (Killzone franchise), who knows what i'd be doing now! I may not even be here. I think what i'm trying to say is, because of Playstation, my life has completely changed for the better. Thank you sony, for putting out something for me to do during my struggle in life. And a special thanks to GG for making (yes, I said it) the BEST game that I've played in my gaming career!



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