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Re: KH: Birth By Sleep where? Did I get scammed? -.-'

Jul 6, 2013

fantasyplayer wrote:

We know by now. There is a lot of things that irk you. You should see someone about that. Live is better when the irks do not bother you anymore.

Ugh, nevermind.


I'm just gonna hit the ignore button on you and be done with it. English must not be your first language.


"There ARE a lot of things that irk you". "LIFE is better". Irk is a verb. Not a noun. So "irks" can't bother me.


If you can educate yourself on the English language, I may hit un-ignore. Until that happens, good day (also, you spelled "believe" wrong in another post of yours on a different thread, but if I would've commented on that post, you would've marked it as more trolling)

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Re: KH: Birth By Sleep where? Did I get scammed? -.-'

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Jul 6, 2013

Are you joking me? it is sonys device? They MADE the vita... IF they put VITA next to the game on THEIR website then it should play on the vita


that would make them the manufacturer


it isn't more complex then that


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Re: KH: Birth By Sleep where? Did I get scammed? -.-'

Jul 6, 2013

You are doing good for me glaciusx25. You just keep proving my point. Keep hanging youself some more. And what was that about just your oppenion. Digging the hole deeper and deeper. No I am not trying to be that way. But let me tell you another thing. Then another. And another. 

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Re: KH: Birth By Sleep where? Did I get scammed? -.-'

Jul 6, 2013

glaciusx25 wrote:

Fanboy? Hardly.


Quite the opposite, most of the time.


I do not condone many of Sony's practices or policies. Even their updates are shaky at best, as well as their maintenance. As I said, their website layout is clunky.


However, I understand the RATIONALE behind all the things they do, and therefore, from a logical standpoint, it makes sense. Even if it's not in my best interests (or anyone else's but Sony's), I at least know why they do it, and so don't bother complaining about it.


Take this whole debacle here. Sony found it easier to simply add "PS Vita" to all PSP games as a platform (they probably just needed to execute one command to add that to all PSP games).


It would take time and resources for them to actually nitpick and go through and find all the non-PSN PSP games and then properly label them without the PS Vita in their platform. Especially since the different regions (SCEE, SCEA, SCEJ) all might have different games on offer.



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I do not provoke emotional response, I do not post for the purpose of starting arguments. I post my view on a specific topic (and if there's an argument already in place, my view on that as well), and that's basically it. Where it goes from there is up to everyone else.

You sir are bloody mad. Every night I wonder why the world is messed up. It is because people like shirk away from your responsibilities as productive member of society. Everytime you fail to shout at an evil doing, refuse to help your fellow neighbor and watch as cities burn you condone those deeds. Our great creator gave us the ability to complain and we should do so magnificantly till everything is acceptable.

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Re: KH: Birth By Sleep where? Did I get scammed? -.-'

Jul 6, 2013

[This conversation appears to have run its course and is now degrading. Please remain civil to one another and keep discussion on topic and polite. Thread locked.]

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