May 22 2011
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Just a warning

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Hello community,

     I created this message just to tell something what happened to me today, my email account (hotmail) was hacked today, i was playing on psn and suddendly got d/c, so my i went to my laptop to check my email, just to tell me my account was used for spam and/or was hacked , i even couldnt recover the account during the process until after 4 tries i could manage to get the process to recover account, i got to wait 24hrs until is processed and quickly i created another email account and logged in the psn (i could still login) and changed my email info and password again using my new email account.

Now i just have to wait.

This message is not to blame sony or anyone, this message is to tell u a warning about what happened to me today so it dont happen to you, nobody knows my passwords i dont share anything at all, i dont game share, zero, nada , nothing , im 31 years old, i like gaming thats all.

If it happens to you i think the fastes way to not to loose your psn account is what i did i guess, so just wanna share this to you all.

Thanks and long live the gaming...

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