Apr 25 2014
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Journey or flower on sale anytime soon?

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Hey all,


I was wondering if there was any information if Journey or Flower were going to be on sale or offered on PS Plus anytime soon. I remember flower being on sale during the Spring Sale in the past and was wondering if anyone knew if it'd be offered again anytime soon. Same for Journey.


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Re: Journey or flower on sale anytime soon?

Apr 25, 2014

Whether or not there will be a sale on either game in the future is possible. Both games have been on sale at multiple points in the past. They could always go on sale some more if Sony's looking to boost support for either game. At this point though it's impossible to say whether that will definitely happen. It's more likely the sales would be a part of a much bigger deal in effect, whether its focus is on indie games, is a Spring discount, or something similar along those lines.

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