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Re: Is the horrible PSN service performance an indication of Sony's financial trouble?

Feb 14, 2013

     I have at times had trouble but not as extreme.  The thing i can suggest,  Is to turn off all equipment connected to your system, and anything attached to it .  Next unplug any thing that has power to it that pertains to your network or internet connection.   Next unplug all consoles, cpu, etc.   Wait 5 min.   then hook everything back up one piece at a time.  Internet first (ruoter if you have), then the rest of your equipment.

       Once you have everything up and running let system sit for a few minutes before you jump to the store.   after that time has passed goto Ps store and try your luck.   Sometimes  a static charge will build up your cable or phone landline due to weather, nature, so-on.  The only thing you can do to combat this is unplug anything electric in the area that way the cunductive static will dissapate and your signal should return to normal without static interruption or any problems.  

       if you live an area that has a real dry climate or if use electric heat.  the dry atmosphere can cause this type of static build-up.   It will and can cause your cable or internet or phone to act screwy, If any of these are land lines.  I am sorry for your troubles and feel your plight but we all have problems.  It not always the people or company who provide for FREE the service you are dragging through the mud.  

                                          THANX FOR READIN' HOPE THIS HELPS.                           PICKEL..

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