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Re: Is the Vita Dead?

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Jun 30, 2013

JuanMdP wrote:

Cosmosis_1080P wrote:
...Let me be completely honest here. This thread has no mention of P4G or Soul Sacrifice, yet people are saying there's no good games? Sheesh...

P4: The Golden is a game from last year (and a port at that, from a game in a platform that was massively owned), SS is good but MH (even Freedom Unite) is a hell of a lot better. There are good games, but they are far and in between. The remainder of the year doesn't look terrible: Muramasa: Rebirth (out now), Dragon's Crown in August (even if it's multiplatform), KZ: Mercenary, Tearaway, Ys: Celceta and Valhalla Knights 3 in September / October. I'd count FFX: HD but that's just a port from a game on a platform most everybody owned (unlike the Wii), nothing new there. This year has been better than last one with releases, it's just that the PSV still hasn't consolidated its identity and hasn't gotten a game that may make everybody understand the potential within the hardware~.


Hopefully Tearaway may do the trick. I'm also hoping Sony isn't bluffing and that at Gamescon the PSV will indeed be the protagonist (for a change) and that, for God's sake, Sony won't insist in that indies are all it take to avoid the flop~.

Mm. is amazing! I am sure they will blow us away with an amazing game!

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