Nov 16 2012
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Is it possible to fix my NAT type by changing my router? (Pls read body)

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So I've been trying to research every possible thing from restarting my router, making a static IP address, and entering IP addresses manually and still my NAT type won't open.


My NAT type is strict which really sucks, but do you guys think buying a new router can change my NAT to open again? I never had issues in the past...


Basically, my mom wanted to change our internet provider and we did about almost 2 years ago. We had to send back our old modem to Oceanic Time Warner Cable (our preveious internet provider). We switched to Hawaiian Tel and they installed a new modem. I started to play Black Ops once again, and I noticed my NAT was changed to strict. I was trying to search online for possible solutions, but none of them i looked for an online manual for my belkin 54g router and I tried to make sure the wires were plugged in the right ports. My power cord for my router was plugged in, and the cord that hooks up to the back of my HP desktop PC was plugged in right. And my modem cord was properly connected to my router. So what was the problem? I reread the online manual, and it said something about a BLUE cord that connects to the back of my PC. From there, I noticed the cord was WHITE! So where was the blue cord? I'm thinking the original blue cord was packed with my old modem that was sent back to Oceanic.


With that being said, do you guys think buying a new router will change my NAT type to open again? Thank you for your time!

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Re: Is it possible to fix my NAT type by changing my router? (Pls read body)

Nov 16, 2012

¤ You don't need a new router, you need to configure your router properly.  You can either open up ports through port forwarding or set your ps3's IP to DMZ.


Every router is different so configuring yours may be different than what you find online, they have the same principal in mind they just go about it differently.  You can try this link and see if it helps you...

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