Jul 03 2013
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Is SCEJ Studio even developing Ape Escape 4 anymore?

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In 2010, both Ape Escape 4 and Ape Escape move was confirmed for PS3:


However, only Ape Escape Move released. Since that anouncement, absolutely nothing at all was said about the game again. Despite interest in the series on the japanese forums and people constantly messaging sony about it, nothing. 

Whats the deal? Ive tried to get answers on this for years, but absolutely no responce. I own every ape escape title, and its just too much of a money maker and in depth series to just "Die". Especially when the last game was garbage. 1 more GOOD title, please? Smiley Tongue


Also for a very short time, these 2 images appeared on the official Ape Club website (before it was shutdown in 2011)



Ape club was the official Ape Escape series "Hub" that was online from 2004-2011. It shut down randomly with no explaination. I can only assume those images are from AE4. 




Oh and complete offtopic, but thought id post this article i dug up. Nintendo completely stole the idea of Ape Escape Lost In Space and used it in Super Mario Galaxy after the entire development document leaked onto the net, which is what got that game cancelled. Thought id post it to laugh because everyone says that nintendo are saints and never steal ideas.

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