Jan 12 2014
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Is Darksiders 2 a Game Worth Getting?

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hi i was thinking of going out to get darksiders 2 and was wondering how good the game is and also how long it is?? also some pros and cons would help thanks!!



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Re: Is Darksiders 2 a Game Worth Getting?

Jan 17, 2014
I say it`s worth getting, and expands on the story and world of the Darksiders universe.
The length of the game on average should be around 20 or more hours if you only do story missions.

for Pro`s the combat is good, story is good, possessed weapons (weapon which you can increase their strength and ability how you want), expands the world and knowledge of the darksiders universe.

Con`s the whole game is basicly one fetch quest after another which doesn`t fit with the Death character, as he keeps running errands for others.
The DLC wasn`t very good, most can be completed in 30 to an hour, and were more expensive at release for that amount of gameplay.

One of the problems with the game was that, it was near the end of THQ, so they may of been rushing it a lot, skipping corners and stuff, which most likely resulted in all the glitches it had at launch. Overall I would say the game is good, and I hope the company that got the Darksiders IP to continue the series, especially since the first one still didn`t have a conclusion plus there is an epilogue in Darksiders 2, that really makes you wonder what will happen next.
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Re: Is Darksiders 2 a Game Worth Getting?

Jan 17, 2014
Worth getting if you like the first game.
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Re: Is Darksiders 2 a Game Worth Getting?

Jan 19, 2014
thanks i definitely think ill give it a shot thanks for the advice!!
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