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Re: Internet Browser

Mar 10, 2012

@ gR3yGh051

Don't be a sarcastic idiot. Just because your pacifist mind has been settled with the ability to do what only the blind can, "I" understand what a strong forward and impressionable way of thinking can do. Don't even start with me, I am in fact a manager in charge of a multi million dollar outfit and if I was to let things stand still and not reach out to the truth..such as you would.... then we would be broke. Greed controls this world and money is the only answer in most cases. Reducing their ability to intake said money is the only thing they/we understand. We don't sit and listen to the little common man. We sit and listen to the little or common man when that common man causes us to lose money and then we say something like "we listen to the common man".

Do you actually think Chevy cares about us? The only different thing about then and now is they used to flaunt their power and ignorance by having cars that only do so much in places they cant work all the time and a big building showing off their testosterone in every other big U.S/foreign city. Now?.........lmao.....they just hide it better and the cars are so called "smart cars" that run off batteries as an option and dont work in one third of the worlds climate population because its to cold. So they have to use the fuel option all the time anyway's. But wait.........ooooooooooh...onstar for a whole U.S is actualized as a big "suckers are us" country. Some apology lmfao!

Yes; Sony does have a clause in their conditions that keep you from using another operating system as they have a clause in it to keep you from going to the bathroom and drowning your own body (actually happened) because you wanted to play. Its an all encompassing clause and covers most companies do. It means nothing when coming to market specifics.

"They", marketed it for alternative operating systems during the first run and after the bill was passed in Canada that let companies do what ever they want to their own equipment after you bought it, the update was handed down that eliminated them. After that a lot of free apps on phones were updated to pay only apps. This was done after the CAD bill passing because even though the U.S had already passed this bill years ago, to run two different updates would be extremely expensive.

Of course you would know this if your educational system and glorified news service was actually worth a damn.

Sony was very apologetic to everyone after the hack because they were afraid their bottom line was going to be hurt by the investors in the long run so they made a BS press conference to lessen the impact of the already freaked out Wallstreet. It wasn't over you, or you..or even you, lol It worked to.

Shares dropped as expected but no where near as much as they could have...then back up again. Mostly in part of the live feed conference. I to made money on my personnel portfolio due to this expectation.

So. I turn I say to you. Please choose your words wisely next time gR3yGh051. Your far to impetuous to to post here.

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