Oct 09 2012
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In Time For Halloween: The Joy Of Horror On The PS3

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We might still be a few weeks away from Halloween, but has that stopped the different television stations from airing horror movies? Has it stopped stores from stocking up on merchandise seemingly made just for scaring babies? Turn your television onto any channel or load up any store website and you'll have your answer. Halloween is clearly upon us, so what better time to explain my favorite Playstation tradition for the spookiest of holidays?


Before I begin I'd like to mention a great PSP game that's just perfect to play during Halloween this year. While I'm not real big into horror movies, I do love me a good horror game. And honestly, it could come in any form as long as its actually scary. Case in point, Corpse Party for the PSP. While some of the dialog in the game can come across as more than weird (it is a Japanese horror game after all), you really won't find a better horror game on the PSP. The build ups to scares, the great atmosphere and the extremely impressive audio make one amazing gem of a PSP game.


I'm not mentioning this for any story related reason, I just thought this would be a great chance to tell everyone about one of the PSP's best horror games that I felt didn't get the attention it deserved. Believe me when I tell you this, you will not find a game with a better atmosphere than Corpse Party on the PSP. And I know for a fact you won't find a game with better audio. The game requires headphones to get the full effect, but you'll be blown away when you play it. Now on to the actual story at hand, my Halloween tradition!


I'm not sure exactly why or when it started, but one year I just decided that playing the original Silent Hill game through October sounded like a good enough tradition for me. I never really thought it would stick, but every October I would throw my original Silent Hill disc into the Playstation and give it a go. I played using that same exact disc through the original Playstation's life, the Playstation 2 and even the Playstation 3 for a short while. Unfortunately after many years of faithful service the disc just couldn't hold out any longer and needed to be retired to my shelf for good.


My main worry after this was the fact that I no longer had a copy of Silent Hill to play during the month of October. Sure I could have bought an overpriced used copy online, but my inner cheapness refused to let me. It really looked like the tradition was going to die with the disc. Thankfully however, there was the Playstation store. Not only was I able to rebuy Silent Hill for a much fairer price, but now I could play it on my PSP! It was like a double whammy of tradition saving.


Over the many years, plenty of things have changed. Technology has advanced to near sci-fi levels and more importantly, I've got some little ones running around the house now. But the one thing that has remained the same is the original Silent Hill each and every year. While I might have gotten used to everything it has to offer, the next generation of gamers are just as susceptible as ever. Despite the obvious drop in graphical quality compared to games releasing today, the game still manages to scare them just like it scared me when it first released.


It goes to show you that no matter how much we progress in the world of graphics and what not, fear will know no boundaries and scare the daylights out of anyone with a good imagination. And also that first freaking pterodactyl thing you encounter can scare anybody. Every single October I let them watch that scene play out in the game just to see the look of horror on their faces as they run out of the room. I know it won't work forever, so its best to enjoy their terror while I still can. I hope you all have a great Halloween this year, and I thank you all for reading.

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