Nov 09 2013
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Impressions of Knack Demo

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I got a chance to play Knack at a futureshop PS4 demo kiosk. And I would suggest that you all may want to try as well before you invest in this game.


I would like anyone else who has played the demo to give their opinions as well.



My opinions

**Disclaimer...these are my opinions based on the DEMO. Im hoping this isnt representative of a final product. And note, that my concerns are mainly of a graphical nature. I have not got a good enough view of gameplay to really judge. BUT this is a nextgen title. Graphics may not be everything, but they really slacked off in this department. First PS3 ratchet and clank game blows this out of the water graphicly speaking.


The level design and immersion are very bland. This is a worry to me. I was really hoping for a "ratchet and clank" kind of dynamic area. Where there is a lot going on in the background. I wanted destructable items that blow up, and smash all around, with bits falling all over.


But in playing the demo, there will be a breakable post every now and then, and widely spaced preset destructables that just kind of fall over and fade away. There is very little, very very little that you can interact with. Even the cars all over are indestructable stage props that just sit there. And the lack of any sort of debris really makes the world feel empty and boring.


Effects....some of the basic effects shown in the demo, also leave a lot to be desired. Explosions, auras, particles are all very muted and very comparative to what we saw in the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era. As an example, take a look at some of the gameplay videos and pay attention to mines exploding, or AOE attacks some of the enemies use. They are basic and unimpressive, and the lighting created by them dont seem to reflect off of anything, or even glow. 


Debris. This one is more of a self letdown. My expectation were wrong. I assumbed that the levels would be full of destructable stuff (and they are not......barely have anything destructable) and that by destroying this stuff, my avatar would grow with the increased bits it would collect from that. That is far from the case. There is no debris, a lampost will bend and fall over and Immediatly fade away. There is no clutter at all from anything, it just dissapears. The only way that you gain size, is by destroying special powerup boxes that are scattered around. 


Ratchet and clank had its destructable everything

NewJerseyDevel had its boxes

Mario has its Bricks

And Crash Bandicoot even had its boxes all over

Knack just Lacks in this department.



My opinion is the game environment is just "bleh" and would benefit greatly by adding something dynamic to it. Make it feel like the world knows we are there somehow. Anything happening in the background. As it is now, you move a couple screens you kill 2 guys. You move a couple more screens you break a crystal and kill two guys. Jump up to a higher level and follow it around corner...kill a couple more. There is nothing else going on in the sky/windows/background/ no clouds....spectators/.....grass......debris....nothing.





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