Jan 02 2012
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Imported PS3 Controllers not charging (except on PS3) and switching off

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I've just bought 2 new controllers off Ebay at an "almost too good to be true" price and whilst they may not be absolutely genuine, they work fine, feel right and look as good as the ones I got with the PS3. However, I do have a couple of issues....

1) Neither of the controllers will charge using my Expect charger. They will both charge quite happily if plugged directly into the PS3, but if I plug them into any other charger or USB power source, the red lights just blink rapidly and nothing else happens. This is a pain cos I'd prefer to charge the controllers in between uses. That way they're always ready to go. If I have to plug them into the PS3 to charge them it kind of defeats the object of having wireless controllers..... so I was wondering if anyone knew of a work around or solution to this issue.

2) I've noticed with these two controllers that if I leave them switched on but untouched for a few minutes, they switch themselves off. It's like some kind of power / battery saving feature, as it never happens during use, but none of my older (definitely geniune) controllers do this.... Has anyone else out there encountered this "feature"? Its no biggie.... I'm just curious.

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