Dec 02 2006
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Important Question

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Hi im new here and i need to know this question. do you need the 600 dollar ps3 to use online play because i was reading the specs of it and it has a ethernet port on both but has  a wifi one on the 600. so, do i need the 600 one for online play or i can use the 500 one. also what would the ethernet ans wifi ports do so ill know if i get one(if i can if they have any).

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Re: Important Question

Dec 2, 2006
You dont need the $600 machine to get online.
The 20gig model has an ethernet port also.  So, you can just plug an ethernet cable in and get online.
The built in Wi-Fi on the 60 gig model allows you to connect the PS3 to your wireless network.  If you have a wireless gaming adapter (if you dont know what this is, just google "wireless gaming adapter" already, then you can use that on the 20 gig model and also connect to your home wireless.
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