Jul 15 2013
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Ideas to expand our freind lists on PS4

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I originally posted this comment here

But thought i would share it where people might add thoughts on the issue.


Maybe in the fashion of Google circles, we should have a division of contact groups.

I could have

Play station forumfriends
Etc etc

Giving us the ability to customize group names and assign friends to one or more groups with the default being contacts.
Enhance this system with the ability to choose which groups have access to certain "share" and media functionality.

Then you can tag certain gameplay, video clips, etc so only your "Family" Group can see it. Much like privacy settings in other social media networks.

Another option to pick which groups show up in my in game "find a match" feature, so I don't have to search through my whole list to see if a certain group is playing. I can easily filter out which of my friends in a certain group are playing a game. 

Other fine tuned options which allow whay groups can directly join your public/private games. So that random guy that was fun in one game, that you added so you might try playing with him again, doesnt just pop into any other game you want to play. 


The possabilities can go on. All based on a "Multi-group" setup to the friends list. 

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Re: Ideas to expand our freind lists on PS4

Jul 15, 2013

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