Jul 31 2012
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Ideas for Vita/Ouya

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Couple of thoughts that I know will not become reality but here we go:


Sony Playstation should communicate with Ouya creaters and offer finding a way to use the PS Vita as a remote-play device for the system with touch support. It would help with the impact Ouya(and its concept)  will have on already established systems.


Also, communicating with Game Freak would be good. I'm sure they are Nintendo exclusive and tied to it. But, The PS Vita and its beautiful screen for the GBA Pokemon games. They would be amazing re-releases on Vita with Trophy support. Again, wont happen but would be great.


I'd like to note that I LOVE my PS Vita, it is a great system that does not have a big catalog yet (der, 3DS barely has games of interest yet and thats a year headstart) but has great potential once developers commit. Many of the games out are good examples and insight into what can be achieved on the system.


Good luck. These are just ideas that I am throwing out to the PS blog uselessly.

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Re: Ideas for Vita/Ouya

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Jul 31, 2012

I don't know why Sony would ever cooperate with the competition. Ouya is going to play android games, i would say the Vita is competing with iOS and android games.

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak develops the game and it was started by Ken Sugimori and Iwata who is the president of Nintendo lol. HAL Laboratories is kinda like that too, they make games of Nintendo IPs not sure if Nintendo owns them though.


I don't think you understand what it means to own an IP, it's like if all of a sudden Sony asked Bungie to make a Halo spin off for the PS3 but they can't because Microsoft owns it and now they have 343 Studios(which is made up of the people who were behind Metroid Prime) making Halo games.


There is also a bit of a difference between publishing rights. Microsoft owns the publishing rights to first 3 Gears of War games, and the next one(I think), but Epic actually owns the IP. They just decide not to bring it to the PS3, but Sony could convince them($$$) to bring it to the PS3/Vita.


The only way you can see Pokemon, Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Halo on a Playstation Console/Handheld is if they go under and Sony buys the rights to those games.


Kinda like how Square Enix now owns Eidos and the rights to Lara Croft, Hitman, Just Cause, Kane and Lynch.



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Re: Ideas for Vita/Ouya

Aug 1, 2012
People say console gameing is dying.......LMAO yea okay, this new cheap android game system WILL suffer from the same thing IOS and Android devices do. Ether there is way too many games to look through and find a decent game or find a quality game worth the money. Yea it might have the same Tegra 3 CPU/GPU BUT doesn't mean people will jump on and spend $100 just to play angry birds and older games. Only the PS Vita will be able to utilize the Tegra 3 CPU/GPU because the Vistas OS. Just my opinion Smiley Wink same reason I chose PS3 over XBOX, quality over quantity
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