Oct 31 2013
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IDEA: Global Button Re-Mapping

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So, I just got a crazy idea, and in my mind: it's brilliant and would give the PS4 a significant edge in the gamer's eyes. I guess the idea comes from the fact that I am currently a 360 gamer, switching to PS4 for next-gen. Now, Im VERY fortunate that the DS4 has been changed much from the DS3, and general structure matches the X360 controller (such as triggers are used for shooting - being the big factor there.) However it led me to think: would there be control options for the PC legacy players? What about 360 gamers switching over? ...and know what...what about just a better freedom for controller mapping.


Now, full on custom button mapping is apparently rare and difficult for devs to do. According to Patrick Bach in a recent BF4 interivew, he says there are a lot of steps through 1st parties that need to be taken to do this.


So then it made me think, what if the PS4 console could just bypass this all-together, giving all games greater customization, even if the developers do not offer it. So, here's the idea:



Allows players to create custom controls on the system settings level, by switching assignments of buttons. For example, the ability for SQUARE to function as X, and visa versa, and save these controls to a "map profile" which can be saved on your console to your PS4 account.


Everyone would come with the "Standard" map profile, where each button is represented by it's actual button. This would be the default for everyone.


However, you can create new map profiles, re-name them. (And here's the best part) "associate" multiple applications or games to those profiles. So this way whenever that game or app is loaded, it automatically switches to it's associated map profile. So for example, you can create a "Racing" profile, and assign all of your racing games to it. Or create a profile called "Battlefield 4" and associate only BF4 to that profile.


Obviously, the sticks would only be able to be limited to the other stick, and the touch-pad sensor can't be changed. However...other than that I think the other buttons could be interchangeable.


So, that's the idea if this idea is:

- Already on the PS4

- A stupid idea

- Has already been suggested multiple times

- Is confirmed that it literally cannot be done...


...then excuse me, I am a bit of a PS4/PS4 Forum newbie so to speak. However, what do you guys think?


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