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Re: I was wrong.

Jun 23, 2012

Im glad you brought up game play and XMB messaging,  Does or does not the XMB looks crappier upon leaving a 720p game?  Such as Assasins creed 2 and Grandtheft auto4 that post they display in 1080p?  When i go to the XMB outa thus games my XMB looks crapier then when im not in thus games.  Unless im using my tv in native 720p, however using it in native 720p like i said before does not fill the screen.

If anyone needs help, with something they are going thru? Im here to talk, I suffered severe SAD, severe Anxiety and severe Depression, luekemia, blood clots, foot ulcers from bad circulation, insomnia, amongst alot of other things. I thought I was gay, murderer, childmolester, transgender even thought I was the bad guy himself. Not judging any but knew I wasnt any them before and dont want to be. Just let me know, some i believe are severly wrong and will get you threw in jail as should, if you act on them. Im getting better. This wasnt sweet lies, like hey that hot woman likes you. Like they used to be. These was bad lies considering I wasnt none them before and dont want to be.
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