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Re: I was wrong.

Jun 23, 2012

Im glad you brought up game play and XMB messaging,  Does or does not the XMB looks crappier upon leaving a 720p game?  Such as Assasins creed 2 and Grandtheft auto4 that post they display in 1080p?  When i go to the XMB outa thus games my XMB looks crapier then when im not in thus games.  Unless im using my tv in native 720p, however using it in native 720p like i said before does not fill the screen.

Its whatever God says it is, try not to let Satan trick you or lie to you. A lie can be twisted so much but its still a lie, same with tricks. Also know noone is perfect except Jesus, we all will mess up from time to time. So try not to be, to hard on yourself or others.
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