Aug 14 2012
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I want want want

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Playstation plus to be free i mean 6 bucks a month for free games you are killing me. I want magic downloads games should appear on console I shouldnt have to wait for a download. I want every single game you have ever given away free to anyone in the world. I want to be able to whine about everything I get for free because I paid 6 bucks and only got a few hundred dollars worth of free games. LOL sorry i couldnt help my self wanted to see what it was like to cry about stuff that dont make any sense. Oh I forgot I need refunds on everything I ever paid for because now you give it away. (THIS IS IN NO WAY A SERIOUS POST)

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Re: I want want want

Aug 14, 2012
I want all that to but i also think since i pay for plus you need to give us all free vita's
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