May 08 2012
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I thank her

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This is not going to be a story about how my Mom got into gaming.She is not a gamer and never once tried to play one. But I have to say this. She has ALWAYS supported my gaming habit and I love her for it. Even when she was montoring my play time, every game system I have had  especially the PS1, PS2 and PS3 she has helped me get them. My PS1 she helped me sell my N64 by asking around and helped me with the remaining amont of money to buy one. My PS2, she brought me that for my birthday because I asked for it. I brought my PS3 with my own money but when my PS3 shut down after I tried to play UC2. She lent me the money to help buy a new one and never asked me to pay her back. Also every Christmas and birthday she has been responsible for getting the exact games I wanted without any error or mistake with what I wanted.Many parents don't even pay attention to the specifics of what you want, especially my dad, and she got it perfect every time. She never even bothered me with the classic 'Video games will rot your mind' or 'you are to old for video games'  or 'why are you always playing that thing' parents always came up with to stop you from playing.  So my Mom may not be a gamer or really like them at all but she understood my love of them and allowed me to become the gamer I am today. One of the most understanding mothers I have ever known and that is why I always do something special for her on mother's day without fail. This year I will either take her out to dinner or send her to a spa to relax. So this is a tribute not to a gaming Mom but a gamer's mom.

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