Dec 16 2012
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I need help with PS3's Connection Download Speed

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Hi guys, like the title says, I really do need help with my PS3's conection download speed. Ever since this morning my PS3's connection speed has went from 13-15 mbps to 18.8-19.9 mbps. The connection upload speed stays constant from the two connection downloading speeds. I am well familiar with my router's internet settings and I even set my PS3 to DMZ with an ethernet cable attached to the PS3. I do not wish to port forward or port trigger my PS3 console, as my PS3 has not need such adjustments from the past. I have also blocked all wireless communications and have no one connected to my network wired so it could not interupted with outside interfearence. Additionally, I have tried to reset and restore my router to its default settings but my PS3 still has the 18.8-19.9 mbps connection (down), What options do I have in terms of getting 13-15 mbps connection download speed (or close to it)? What haven't I tried? 


Here are my router's specifications:

ISP: Verizon FIOS

ROUTER: Actiontec M1424-WR

Connection Download/Upload: 13.44 mbps/4.77mbps

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Re: I need help with PS3's Connection Download Speed

Dec 16, 2012
"Down" means your download speeds. The higher the number for your download speeds the better it is. You don't want to go from 18 to 13, you want to stay at "18 down". The numbers you get from testing the connection on your PS3 are inaccurate, so that wouldn't even matter if that's where you got those numbers from. If you're trying to get your downloads to finish faster I recently posted a thread on how to do so.
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