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Oct 25 2012
By: sadlybeautiful Lombax Warrior 104 posts

I'm not able to synch trophies.

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I have had some problems since the new update. Yesterday my friends list wouldn't show up and today my trophies won't synch. It gets stuck at 2% and I get the error code 80022A07. I tried looking up the code but no results were found. I have never had issues synching trophies before. Anybody else having this issue? Any ideas what I should do? I also noticed PSN was somehwat laggy since the update.

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Re: I'm not able to synch trophies.

Oct 25, 2012

Goggle popped up a bunch of sites addressing this error.


It seems to be due to high traffic on the trophy servers.  Wait for a while and try again.


Most likely there is a very high load of traffic to Sony due to everyone downloading the update.

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