Sep 11 2012
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I have some questions...

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I've researched some of these, but was never able to get a clear answer. I hoping the community can help me out here.


1. Is Tales of Innocence R coming to the US? (Vita)


2. Is a Socom HD Trilogy in the works or close to release? (PS3)


3. Is the Gravity Rush DLC worth buying? (Vita)


4. Will Sony ever start releasing free PSP games as a part of Playstation + for us Vita users? (Vita)


5. I noticed the Killzone Trilogy announcement, but will all 3 games be on disc? (PS3)


6. Are there going to be more characters announced for Playstation Allstar Battle Royal? (PS3)


7. I noticed for some games that if you buy them for the PS3, you get them free on the Vita. Is that just through PSN, or will there be a code in the box? (PS3/Vita)


8. I currently don't think I have any games to test the "Vita-as-a-PS3-controller" option, and was wondering if it provides anything special such as your items on the Vita screen so you can easily access them? (PS3/Vita)


9. I know Insomniac as stated they're through with the Resistance franchise, but has another company shown interest in making a 4th installment for the PS3? (PS3)


10. Is there any news on the release of The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, or Kingdom Hearts 3? (PS3)


11. With the announcement of some of these HD collections, will we see less released in the PS2 Classics section of PSN? (PS3)


12. Will PS2 games ever be playable on the Vita? (Vita)


Thanks for any help! I'm also going to post this in the PS3 section of the forums to see if anyone who visits there can also provide some answers.

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Re: I have some questions...

Sep 11, 2012
  1. As far as I know, yes.
  2. No clue.
  3. No idea.
  4. Possibly as part of the PSN + but outside of that, doubtful.
  5. I don't know.
  6. Probably.
  7. Depends. If there is a PS 3 disc and the game has cross buy then you'll get a code for the Vita version. If it's a PSN only game like Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, both will be digital.
  8. I don't believe so at this time.
  9. Not at this time.
  10. None. FF Versus XIII looks like Vaporware. KH 3 has never been announced and The Last Guardian is in the works but no release date.

Sorry I can't give you better answers than that.


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Re: I have some questions...

Sep 11, 2012
Considering this is a PSV section, asking for PS3 is kinda off, however, in regards to the questions that do pertain to the PSV:

Torneo Inicial 2012: Arsenal vs Union
Torneo Inicial 2012: Velez vs Argentinos

1. More than likely not. The game has been out since January in Japan, nothing has been said about a localization ever since~.

3. Yes, the 3 DLCs are as endearing as the standalone game, they add a bit more of background on Kat and the third one even fill in some blanks about her relationship with the army~.

4. More than likely not~.

12. Hard to say, even top end PCs have issues emulating PS2 games; I'm not sure the PSV could handle it and Sony has never made promises or comments about it. Therefore, and unlike PSP / PSOne Classics support, it's not something owed to the consumers~.
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